Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sleigh Rides and Snowflakes

Greetings on a gloomy, overcast day from AZ.  I love these days.  We feel like we're experiencing fall weather like the rest of the country, but it will be 77 degrees this afternoon, so maybe not so much. 
First of, I'd like to show you a new design called, Sleigh Rides and Snowflakes.  I stitched the model on 40ct, vintage Pearled Barley from Lakeside.  I need to stress that my fabric was very grey, it does not have as much pink as the norm.  I have the luxury of being able to see linen in person, but I realize that not everyone does, and dye lots are often not the same.  I would suggest that if you can't find similar Pearled Barley, a natural linen would work great.  Threads needed are all from The Gentle Art:  Dried Thyme, Forest Glade, Country Redwood, Wood smoke, Tin Bucket, Chalk, Picnic Basket, Wood Trail, Deep Forest, and Espresso Bean. 

Please let this proud grandma brag a little about granddaughter, Quinn.  Over the weekend, she became the AZ state champion on bars for Level 2, Child D Group.  She also took 2nd place on beam and vault, and 4th on floor.  In the All-Around, she took 2nd place.  The team is the Level 2 state champions.  Way to go, girls!

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 1, 2013

One to show, one in the works, and six adorables

 Here is the one to show.  Ann Topley 1802 is heading to shops.  The antique was stitched on a coarse natural linen, but I thought it would be fun to do something different, so I went with 36ct. Double Dyed Black Forest from Lakeside.  I kept the thread colors true to the original, but opted to use sampler threads from The Gentle Art.  I love, love, love how the colors stand out.  The stitch count is 122 X 181,  and the GAST's needed are:  Claret, Old Brick, Terra Cotta, Pebble, Soot, Old Red Paint, Sarsaparilla, Chamomile, Pomegranate, Mustard Seed, Old Hickory, Roasted Marshmallow, and Picnic Basket.  It is all over two with the exception of the word sin, which is over one.  An eyelet stitch over four is used for a row of letters and the checkered band below that.

 I'm trying to get the model done for my next release, but life keeps getting in the way.  It will be done this month at some point, and will be called Sleigh Rides and Snowflakes. 

The grand kids were all decked out and ready for treats last night.  Above are Kai, Olivia, and Remy.

Here are Rowan, Quinn, and Sawyer hiding behind the mask.  I hope they save some chocolate for Grandma.