Monday, July 29, 2013

A quick post...

to let you know that my second release for this month is now available.  You might remember that this was my project from last year's Sampler Soiree at The Attic.  It's called A Sampler Grows.  Legacy linen (40ct.) from Picture This Plus was used with NPI's: 183, 184, 184A, 208, 224, 242, 245, 321, 694, 976, 986, & 992.  Conversion to DMC is provided with the chart.  The majority of stitching is over two, but the verse is over one, as are several motifs. The checkered lawn is done with the easy peasy rice stitch, but could be done in cross.  The garden trowel is from By Jupiter.  The 3/4 inch Wild Berries rick rack trim is available from Crescent Colours.  The chenille may be available as well.  I actually dyed what is shown for the kits last year.  The scissor cases were my gift to the attendees.  I have three left so.......... I will be doing a giveaway on my Scarlett House Facebook page for this design sometime this week.  Check out my page and watch for it!

Stitch counts are:  pin pillow  119w x 64h
                                    fob         25w x 34h
When I last showed you Mary Ann Farmer, she was without a frame.  She looks much better now.
This is a snippet of a sampler that will be coming soon.  Lovely shades of taupe and teal.  After this finish, I am taking a much needed break, and will stitch something for myself.  I plan to work on Charlotte Clayton while we are on our upcoming vacation.  I also snagged a piece of the new 50+ uneven linen that is now available.  I can't wait to try it.  Everyone who has tried it says that it's not difficult.  I'll let you know...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Busy as a bee...

Where or where does the time go to?  My good intention is to update this blog regularly, and I'm failing miserably.  I could blame it on a number of excuses, like I'm busy designing, reproducing, stitching, and so on.  I could blame it on the heat, and the fact that I seek refuge in the pool frequently.  My hope is that you will be happy to hear from me, irregardless of the time in between posts.
Say hello to Mary Ann Farmer.  I have been secretly calling her the "summer sampler".  The colors remind me of all things in that particular season, and is in fact dated August 27th, 1834.  You all know I am a fan of red, and I thought these colors would bore me to tears.  Quite the opposite happened, it was a very soothing stitch.  My fabric of choice for this one is 40ct. Doubloon from Picture This Plus.  It has the perfect mellow yellow tone.  NPI silks were also used, and the stitch count is 259 x 193.  I hope you like her.  Charts will be ready within the next two weeks.
I have also been getting my kits ready for the Summer School Soiree at The Attic.  The inspiration for my project is a one room school house that I drove past in northern Idaho many years ago.  It was grey stone with dark red paned windows, and I was in love at first sight.  I'm looking forward to the event, and if you are coming...can't wait to see you there.

After that, we will be heading to the Midwest to see family, antique shop, and eat the foods that we miss from there.  I'm excited because we will be taking the motor home for the first time.  I have visions of all the nooks and crannies that I can pack (hide) my shopping finds. 

I'll do my best to be in touch soon...