Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Company

Good morning!  I thought I'd share an updated photo of Good Company.  Here are the particulars:

40ct vintage Pear from Lakeside Linen
Stitch count: 271w X 131h
Belle Soie Silks:  Mudpie, Attic Tea, Noir, Berry Cobbler, Cobblestone, Limestone, Wheatgrass,
Weathered vine, Sister Scarlet, Icing, Mer Bleu, Moss, Espresso, Enchanted Forest, Tortoise Shell;
Angel Blush, and Puritan Blue.

I actually used Malted Milk in the model, but I just learned that it is no longer available.  Angel Blush will work in it's place.  Conversions to DMC and cotton over dyes included.  Charts will ship this week.

To answer the question about the sampler rug.  I found it online at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

Monday, April 8, 2013

A little new and a little old

Hello everyone!  I think I'll show you the new first.  Here's a sampler that you can actually walk on.  I had a birthday last month, so I treated myself to this rug for the craft room.  Ruby likes it, too.  Now to get the slipcovers on the loveseat replaced! 
Here is a new design called Good Company, that I will be releasing in the next week or two.  I still need to get it framed.  The verse came to me on one of my morning walks, and then the idea for the design followed.  In a perfect world, you would find me living in a house overlooking the sea.  This is a sampler that I wanted to stitch for myself, but I hope you like it, too.  I used 40ct. vintage Pear from Lakeside and Belle Soie Silks.  A conversion to DMC and cotton over dyes will be provided.  Stitch count is 271w X 131h.
 This weekend we took the motor home up to one of our lakes, and I brought along some old friends to work on.  How many years have I been working on the Prairie Schooler alphabet?  Two, I think...  I finally finished the Y block, and now I'm inspired to do more.  I'm using DMC on 32ct something, and stitching it over one.  I may be 100 years old before I finish it, but finish it I will!

I have loved Ann Sims forever.  I think she'll be finished before the PS piece. 

Lastly, here's the really old...ME!  This was taken at my birthday get together last month.  My little munchkins took time to pose with Grandma.