Monday, March 21, 2011

No stitching to show but...

I do have things for Show and Tell. I dusted off my sewing machine and made some pillowcases this weekend. I've had this fabric that came from here for awhile, and I decided that they wouldn't make themselves, so I'd have to do it. It was a nice way to brush up on my sewing skills as I hope to make a quilt eventually. At least, my unnamed friends think I should. I don't know if I'm up to the task, but pillowcases...I can do.
I celebrated another birthday last week, and I received some lovely gifts. The Necessaire box is very special to me as it was made by my friend, Vickie. It has a wonderful verse about little things in life...
Do you see how it's lined? Yes, that is the Jane Tindall Sampler inside. You are so clever, VJ! I couldn't love it any more...thank you.

These weren't exactly a birthday gift, but I love them also. My dear friend, Patti knows that I love The Beatles...who doesn't, right? These Beanie Baby Beatles belonged to her Mother. Aren't they the cutest? Each one represents a different musical phase. After some research, I discovered that only 25,000 were made and mine are numbered 11,978 on their tag. I'm hiding them from the grand kids. My favorite has to be the gray one with "I Want To Hold Your Hand " embroidered on it. The backs and bottom of one foot has The Beatles embroidered. Thank you, my friend.
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