Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer has arrived

***Okay, I have to edit this post.  My husband read it, and called me the biggest dork ever.  It seems that I incorrectly stated that planes couldn't take off on the day it reached 122 degrees because of soft asphalt.  This is not true.  First, the runways are concrete and there was concern that the planes couldn't get enough lift because of the heat.  He should know.  He was at the airport that day.  I stand corrected, and I feel like a dork.  I could have sworn I heard it the other way. 

The calendar says that the beginning of summer is still six days away.  I'd have to disagree...I think it's here.  It reached 122 on June 26, 1990.  I remember it.  The planes couldn't take off from the airport because the asphalt on the runways was too soft.  That day wasn't fit for man nor beast.  We do get used to the heat though, and it's still 15 degrees away from that temp.  The funny thing is that as I type this, I have socks on because my feet are cold.  I hate the evil, but necessary air conditioning

Here's how the squatters spend their afternoons when it's hot outside.  They get their ball chasing out of the way early in the morning when it's cool. 

Ruby doesn't look too thrilled to be woken up.  I think she's giving me the eye!

Someone forgot to tell Henry that it's 107 outside.  He's like me, and gets cold easily. 

Scarlett can curl up and be happy anywhere, but this is her favorite spot. 

One thing I can say about summers in Arizona, I get a lot of stitching done.  This chart from With Humble Heart is called Do Unto Others.  It's been a long time resident in my chart stash.  I was fortunate to see this design stitched over one on 40ct at the Attic.  It was solidly stitched and beyond amazing.  I'm doing my version over two on 40ct.  I love the red alphabet, and while I usually start at the bottom, I couldn't resist going there first. 

It might be awhile before you see this completed.  I wish I could show you what I'm really stitching.  I have finished a third design called Maddie Button.  The stitching is done, but the finishing is not.  I hope to show you very soon.  Remember my antique sampler, Sarah Elizabeth Brooke?   Her chart is finished, and I'm stitching the model.  I think she's going to be worth the wait.  I have given much thought about whether to take liberties with Sarah, or do my best to make it a true reproduction.  My personal opinion is that it can be difficult to chart the many mistakes these young girls made.  It must have been extremely hard to count their stitches with the poor lighting they had.  While I did my best to keep Sarah as close to the original,  her borders will match up and some of the motifs will be tidied up.  What is your opinion?  Are you a sampler purist?
I have say thank you for the wonderful response and comments about my first two designs.  You never know what to expect when you create something and put it out there.  I appreciate the encouragement.