Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gone fishing...

Hello from steamy, hot Arizona. Sitting next to some cool refreshing water while holding a fishing pole sounds really good right now. Since I don't ever go fishing, my progress on Country Life will have to do. Even though I'm thoroughly loving this sampler, it isn't going to be a quick stitch. The row after row of grass seems to take forever. The border is oh so pretty, but also very time consuming.

I took some time out from stitching to make some journals for a couple of friends. The adorable girl on this one is Ami. Check out her muddy paws. I was really inspired when I saw the picture, so that is what her tag says. Her parents are lucky that she lives several states over, because I'd be tempted to steal her. Love that face!

The back of the journal. Doesn't this photo make you smile?

If you've been lucky enough to find Laurie's blog, you'll recognize these two. They are of course, the very photogenic Emma and Owen. Naturally, that is the princess herself wearing the crown.

I love this photo of them on one of their daily walks through the prairie, and thought it would be perfect for the back of the book.

I love to use pictures of dogs in my art. You would think that I would have plenty with my own three. But, as you can tell from this photo, my dogs are a bunch of lazy bums. Trying to get them to pose would definitely cut into their busy schedule.

If you would like a personalized journal featuring your adored pet, drop me an email for more details.
My non-blogging friend has been reducing her stash, and she has some great things for sale. If you're interested, send me an email, and I'll forward it on to her.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Interrupting the Country Life

Country Life was put aside for a few days to work on Seek Joy in All Things from Stacy Nash Primitives. I wanted a pin keep to place in a Shaker tray that sits next to my stitching chair, and this was a quick and easy project. There were a couple of firsts involved. It was the first time I have used walnut crystals for aging the linen, and it was a first in using crushed walnut shells for the filling. I love both. The shells really give the keep a nice solid weight. I bought a bag of the stuff at PETCO, and when the cashier rang me up, he wanted to know what kind of reptile I had. Eeeeuuuwwww... I found that funny since I have such a strong aversion to anything that has a darting forked tongue and slithers. Since I now have a huge container of the stuff, I need to stitch up the other SN designs waiting in the wings

Isn't the sampler fabric wonderful? I have to say thank you again to two friends for sharing it with me. I think it matches perfectly.
Now back to life in the country...