Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday at our house

This morning I could be found sitting out here on the patio. It's my favorite place to sit and stitch. It's usually very peaceful except for the cooing doves and chirping birds. I encourage the birds to hang out in our yard with feeders and birdbaths.

Here's some progress on Ann Hicks. I had taken a little break from her to work on Ann Wragg. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this sampler. One minute, I'm all enthused, and the next I want to stuff her in the bottom of my stitching basket. I think I dislike some of the colors, and for once I'm sticking to the original. If you like pink and (mostly green), this is the one for you. Even a couple of the crowns are green. Nagging thoughts of what I want to stitch next have begun. The funny thing is, if I go with what I think I'll go with, her name is Ann, too. Last year it was all about the Sarah's.

While I was stitching, I had mama dove to keep me company. She's made her nest in our grapefruit tree.
And where were those lazy dogs you might be wondering? They were in their usual spot. They can be such bums.

I also spent some time skimming through the new issue of Country Sampler, and saw this: I want this to be my kitchen. Isn't it awesome? If I ever get to replace my cabinets, this would be what I'd choose. I love the way they mix it up and leave the shelves open. If I could have a stove area like this, well...I'd actually want to cook.

Oh, it's fun to dream....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The three S's

Sneezing, stitching, and sports pretty much sum up the week for me. I could do without all of the sneezing. My allergies are driving me crazy, so I've been housebound working on these. I'm moving up to the big Algerian eye alphabet. I like this sampler a lot, but I'm getting to that antsy point where I want to start something new. I think I'm a little burnt out on these bigger pieces, so maybe I should focus on some smalls for a change. So without further whining, here's more of Ann Wragg.

Before I started the Anns, (Miss Hicks has been temporarily kicked to the curb), I started Lucy Maria Wiggin from the Scarlet Letter, shown below. I love the look of the design, but I'm so not a pastel fan. I didn't have the green fabric like the original, so I pulled out a piece of Sienna Night from Lakeside.

I tried to use the charted colors, I really did try. But, after doing a small section of border and the whole bowl of berries, I couldn't make myself go on. I ripped it out and started over. I'm choosing the colors as I go, something I've never done before. I'm not sure if I like it better or not. You can see the original colors of the border that I've yet to remove. At least it will be my own version if nothing else.

In between watching both the Coyotes (series tied 2-2) and the Suns (series tied 1-1) playoffs, I found another silhouette on EBay. It reminded me of my sons when they were younger, even though they wouldn't have been caught dead dressed like that. AND, they certainly would never have held hands.. Pummeling and punching each other would be more like it. Okay, maybe it doesn't remind me of them so much, but I like it anyway.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A whiteout, memories, and a little stitching

In a little less than four hours, the Phoenix Coyotes will host the hated Detroit Red Wings in the first whiteout game of the 2010 playoffs. Anyone who knows me well will agree that along with stitching samplers, I am passionate about hockey, and especially the Coyotes. I had season tickets with my sister for the first five seasons. I gave them up when the team moved to it's new stadium which is fifty miles one way from my house. The photo above shows me on the right with my beloved boxers, Lucy and Otis. They were special dogs, and I miss them dearly. I was on the season ticket with them for one game. The contest was held to show why you are a real fan. The picture was actually meant for our Christmas card, and I wasn't supposed to be in it, just the dogs. I was trying to get them situated, and my husband snapped it. It was pure coincidence that I had on a Coyote sweatshirt. I sent the picture in at the last minute, and they chose it. We also took the dogs to the opening game and got to walk out on the ice with the other winners. It was quite a night to remember. It's been eight years since Phoenix made the playoffs, so you can understand why I'm excited. I won't be going to the game, but I'll be cheering from my Lazy Boy. Go Coyotes!
Here's a little bit more of Ann Wragg. I'm headed up to the long verse. Don't you just love the long tailed sheep?
Thanks to several of you for keeping me busy painting this week. You should be receiving your sets any day. There were a couple of comments left asking about special orders. I am always happy to take them if a design you like is gone, just drop me an email.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Two more sets

just added to my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A good Goodwill find

No stitching to show this week. I have made more progress on the two Ann's, but I thought I'd show some other favorite things instead. Over the weekend I made a trip to the art store, and quickly dashed into the Goodwill store around the corner. It's fun to see what you can find now and then. The silhouette of the girl above was my bargain. It was 99 cents. I couldn't believe it, especially when I saw the artist's signature. The silhouette below is of my darling granddaughter, Olivia, and it was done by the same person. I wonder who the mystery girl is. I can't imagine anyone donating something so special. Even if I didn't love silhouettes, she would have still come home with me. I felt sorry for her, and decided on the spot to give her a place on the wall. I hope to add more to my collection, starting with new ones of our other three grandchildren.

Three is a beginning of a collection, right? Hopefully, I'll find some antique ones eventually.

These three sets will be in my Etsy shop tonight.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Two Anns

I've decided that I like alternating between two samplers. Any more than two though makes me crazy. The top one is the beginning of Ann Wragg. I'm using 40ct. vintage Meadow Rue with a conversion to NPI. Ann was only 8 yrs. old in 1764 when she stitched hers. Isn't that amazing? Did you hear me, Melissa? She was EIGHT! I keep telling you to not be afraid of these big samplers. Here's a link to this one completed.

This is my start to The 1820 Ann Hicks Sampler. She was in volume 37 of Sampler & Antique Quarterly. It doesn't show her age, but she was a girl who would have used every crayon in the box. Lots of color changes and quirky little checkerboard critters. My favorite part? She's darn near border less with the exception of what you see at the bottom. Adam and Eve are also included, and they are wearing crowns. I forgot to scan the picture from the chart, so I'll include it on another post. I'm using NPI on vintage Lt. Examplar.
I try to go for a walk or bike ride every day, and the other night I took my camera with me. I'm not a fan of cacti, but these Beavertail Prickly Pear are pretty when they're in bloom. It seems like everything is in bloom right now and my head is about to explode from the pollen.

This is the San Tan Mountain, and it's right behind our house. I love the colors and shadows that play off it at sunset.

These guys and gals were hanging out on the golf course. I never get tired of seeing the Mallards.
Thank you all for the kind words about Sarah Woodham.