Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A good Goodwill find

No stitching to show this week. I have made more progress on the two Ann's, but I thought I'd show some other favorite things instead. Over the weekend I made a trip to the art store, and quickly dashed into the Goodwill store around the corner. It's fun to see what you can find now and then. The silhouette of the girl above was my bargain. It was 99 cents. I couldn't believe it, especially when I saw the artist's signature. The silhouette below is of my darling granddaughter, Olivia, and it was done by the same person. I wonder who the mystery girl is. I can't imagine anyone donating something so special. Even if I didn't love silhouettes, she would have still come home with me. I felt sorry for her, and decided on the spot to give her a place on the wall. I hope to add more to my collection, starting with new ones of our other three grandchildren.

Three is a beginning of a collection, right? Hopefully, I'll find some antique ones eventually.

These three sets will be in my Etsy shop tonight.


Margaret said...

I have silhouettes of my two kids when they were young too. It's great to have them! How could anyone get rid of a silhouette? Great find! BTW, where did you get that great doll chair on the top of the cabinet there? I'd love to find one like that! Your new painted sets are pretty!

Cari-in-VA said...

Oh, boohiss! Someone beat me to your little 'house on the hill' set (sigh). Do you take special orders?

I agree with Margaret, how sad that someone would get rid of a silhouette. Makes you wonder what happened to the child or the family.

The trio looks very sweet together.

I love meandered thru thrift stores and antique shops. I am always fascinated by what I find.

Thanks for sharing your finds with us - I look forward to seeing your progress on Ann & Ann.

Enjoy your week.

Katrina said...

I wanted the house on the hill set too, it's so sweet!

Love the silhouette's too, what a great find.

Alice said...

I love silhouettes and what a find! Such a pretty girl too.
Its the throw away generation. Its especially sad when you find beautiful old family photos in junk stores. I am not complaining as such because I buy them up when I find special one's. Just sad that it means so little to the family. Your new etsy sets are adorable.

Sherry said...

I love silhouettes but have none yet. I love how you rescued that one. DH gets mad at me when I do things like that. lol. Your new sets are lovely! I am still enjoying mine so much!

Loraine said...

What a wonderful little find! Hard to imagine someone giving it to goodwill!
I love silhouettes, and they match your decor perfectly! I really love your antiques and samplers!
Wonderful new things in Etsy. I'm sending the link to DH for a great gift idea!
Take Care.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I love silhouettes - I have my kids and mine from when I was a child but no more than that. So glad you were able to bring the little lost girl home!

Your new painted sets are really pretty!

Catherine said...

It always saddens me to see things like that in thrift stores, yard sales, etc. How great that you gave her a new home!

Your painted sets are lovely! Guess you have to get on pretty quick to get the one you want!

samplerlover said...

Hi Tanya,
I agree with all the other girls. What a wonderful find. How could somebody throw something so wonderful away. Such a shame.
Thank you for your comments on my Grazing Sheep Sampler. Sometimes a very special sampler will come along that is worth all the trouble and the pain(over ones lol). GS is one such sampler. I think if you started it you would enjoy doing it, even if you stitched it along with another choice. It would look lovely with your Anne Rayner and Harriet Burry when you finish it. All the sheep together. Instead of an A&E wall you could have a sheep wall with some of those really beautiful sheep ornaments that you are able to get in the States that I keep seeing on websites.
BTW how is Harriet are you going to come back to her. I have started mine, although I have only done a little bit on her as I am concentrating more on GS. I started mine in the middle with the house. - Sandra.

Siobhan said...

That is so sad that somebody gave their child's silhouette to Goodwill. I'm glad it's in a loving home! I love the look of it with the other silhouettes and the 'tablescape'. I'd love to get a good look around your house--I bet it's amazing!

Love the new sets!

Suzanne said...

I love the silhouettes, but I can't believe that someone would give something so special away. At least it has gone to a good home. I love your new painted sets.

MyLifesAStitch said...

LOVE the sillhouettes!! I got one of Leah when we went to Disney World... which reminds me... I need to get busy finding a frame for it! Good grief... that was almost 6 months ago... lame, Robin, lame!