Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back to Ann

So, I've been switching back and forth between Sarah Woodham and Ann Rayner this week. I'm trying to give them equal time. They are a such a contrast in colors with Ann being so bright and perky, while Sarah is more muted and subdued. Whenever that hot pink gets to me, it's back to Sarah. I'm really anxious to wrap both of these girls up. There's always so much that I want to stitch that I can get anxiety just thinking about it.

It has been a few months since I've picked up the paintbrush. Too many distractions that included visiting relatives, the holidays, and of course, Henry. My paint would dry out each time I had to get up and go see what he was chewing on. Ruby and Scarlett are lousy babysitters. They like to look all innocent when Henry is being bad. I think they secretly enjoy it when he's in trouble, which is often. I did get these three sets done, and they'll be in my Etsy later.

I wish my photos were better. I love these drab colors, and since I've always loved penny rugs, that was my inspiration.

Are these tulips? I'm not sure.

This set has a different needle case. I sponged and antiqued it, and
there's a matching sheep on the cap. You should be able to click on each photo for a closer look.
Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A weeks worth of Sarah

I'm still chugging along on Miss Woodham. Poor Ann Rayner is still waiting her turn with my needle. I know you've heard me say this over and over, but I hate borders. Simple ones are okay, but these involved ones, no. I'm still not in love with the Belle Soie, but I have taken your suggestions to shorten the length and it is better. I took the top photo in the sun and the one below in the shade. The one above looks more accurate in color. My friend, Margaret is probably finishing her Sarah Woodham any day now with that fast needle of hers. We always laugh at how we start in opposite corners. Since we seem to often be stitching the same thing, we can meet in the middle. I was asked if I always start in the bottom right. Yes, always. Starting in the upper left seems very awkward to me, but it seems to be what most others prefer. I'd love to be a fly on the wall this weekend at the Nashville Market. I'm sure there will be much to tempt us. I'm looking forward to seeing the new book from the Blackbird gals. Talk about eye candy! Have you seen this freebie from them? It's as cute as can be, and I want to stitch it teeny tiny.

I found time this week to plant lots of petunias. I'd show a picture, but I'd hate to be accused of rubbing it in. Our weather has been wonderful lately, but the new blooms on the trees are making me sneeze nonstop. While I'm busy working in the yard and garden, look who's lounging on the patio. Scarlett will now sit by Henry but she won't look at him. Still a little standoffish that one is. Henry loves Ruby because she'll play and chase after him like a puppy herself.

Say Cheese!
Thanks for stopping by and as always, I appreciate your kind words and comments. One more thing, I took a break from painting my needle case accessories because we've had several visitors over the past two months, and life has been hectic. I hope to have some news items to show very soon.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A new start

Ann Rayner has been set aside. I enjoy stitching her, but recently we updated the guest bathroom, and I've decided that Sarah Woodham needs to hang in there. Her colors are very similar, and since I've wanted to stitch her since first sight, it didn't take much to persuade me. I'm using 40ct. vintage pearled barley from Lakeside, with my own conversion based on the called for fibers. It is my first time using Belle Soie silk. I had to give it a try when I saw that it used "Sister Scarlet". While I think the color is pretty, I am not a fan of the silk. In my own opinion, it fuzzes and shreds way too much. Don't be booing and hissing at me, Laurie. That just means that there will be more for those of you who love it. I'll stick with NPI. As I went outside to photograph Sarah, my blooming geraniums caught my eye. I couldn't help snapping a photo. It always amazes me that there can be blizzards in other parts of the country, while we are immune to all that fun in the snow. Now don't be leaving me nasty comments, ha-ha. You can wait and rub it in July, when our gooses are being cooked out here.

Just a word about Henry Blue. He has settled in just fine. Ruby loves him, but little Scarlett still has a bit of an attitude. She's coming around a little more everyday.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Meet Henry

Here's my new baby boy. His name is Henry Blue, but just Henry for short. He has settled in quite nicely. The girls aren't totally taken with him yet. They don't like to sit or sleep by him unless I make them stay. Notice Ruby in the next photo. He loves to play, and is bigger and stronger than Scarlett already. I, of course, am absolutely smitten with him already. I give it a week, and I think the girls will be, too.

Here is my progress on Ann Rayner. I took the photo when there wasn't much sun. She's a beauty with all those bright colors. I started Sarah Woodham over the weekend. We just updated our guest bathroom, and I've decided that she would look great in there, so I'm anxious to get her stitched.

Thanks for the wonderful comments about Mary Ann. I was asked how I age my pieces. I have a couple of ways. If I'm trying to make my plain linen look more vintage, I use a few drops of Ritz liquid dye in a sink filled with about 2-3 inches of water. I prefer the tan and yellow colors.
For Mary Ann, I got the piece wet and rubbed it with Distress It. It's sold in a spray bottle at needlework stores. Originally, I didn't like the stuff. If you just spray it on dry fabric, it looks too speckled. But, if you wet your fabric first, then spray some on a cotton ball and rub it right on until it looks aged enough, it works much better. I've tried tea and coffee, and I never seem to get the look I want. Email me if you have any questions.