Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stitching friends gone wild weekend at the Attic's Sampler Symposium

The calm before the storm.  No, that's not true...nobody got carried away (except for the shopping and stash enhancing), or did anything scandalous.  We would have all ended up in the pokey if there was a law against laughing though, as there was a whole lot of that going on.  The weekend was fabulous in every way.  Here they are enjoying my patio and some warm sun before we headed up for the first class.  We stopped for lunch at a nearby restaurant, then it was off to the Attic for some shopping and major enabling. 

Here's Jen, Karin, and Katrina doing what they do best.  Between these three, it's a wonder any linen was left.  OK, I remember getting some awesome cuts too, so all was good.

Here is Paulette during her project presentation.  The tilted head, and the LOOK was directed at me for taking her picture.  She even yelled at me, lol.  I regret that I didn't get photos of the other guests who's class projects were really wonderful.  Paulette and Katrina have some beautiful photos on their blogs, so please check them out.  I was in the early stage of a nasty sinus infection, and I was too busy popping cough drops and antibiotics. 

Here is Jean showing off Paulette's finished piece, which I love, love, love.  Jean, you should always wear that color, it looks great on you!

This is our group photo.  From left to right in back are Jen, Katrina, Natalia, Sylvia, and KarinPaulette and I are in the front.  I miss my girls, and can't wait to get together again.  If you've ever considered attending the Attic's Sampler Symposium, do it!  It's a wonderful event at a terrific location.  The accommodations were great, the food was great, the guest designers and projects were great, the gifts were great (thanks again to Mr. Jean, as I like to call John).  It was all, well ... really GREAT!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Exciting weekend ahead...

I have been a busy gal, trying to finish the model for Miss Mary Roe, and getting ready for some special guests that are arriving tomorrow.  Six pals are coming from all over to attend the 
Sampler Symposium at The Attic this weekend.  It is going to be a crazy fun time.  There will be lots of chatting, shopping, an outing for dinner here, and plenty of stitching.  I have my camera ready to catch the girls in action for future blog posts.
Mary is a bright sampler, and a fun stitch.  I have the verse to finish, charts to finalize, and she'll be ready.  I'm shooting for late January.