Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A fun filled weekend!

Gosh, sorry so long between posting, but I have been a busy one.  I showed you my project for the Attic's Sampler Soiree that was held this past weekend.  Here are my kits all loaded up and ready to go.  I love playing with pretty paper and ephemera as much as I love stitching, so I had a lot of fun with this.  I went with a vintage garden theme since my project is called A Sampler Grows. 

Here is a sampling of some of the other projects.  I was able to finish the Lucet case from Priscilla's Pocket (shown in the box) in class. It was made with beautiful wool, blanket stitched, and so much fun to make.  Now to master making Lucet cording.  All of the projects were wonderful.  Plans are already being made to do this again next summer.

This group was having a great time.  I could hear the laughter all the way from my table.

Here is Linda Danielson from Samplers Remembered getting a little extra tutoring from Bunny Smith of Priscilla's Pocket.  It was good that Linda knew what to do because I sat next to her and copied off her. 
I had so much fun with this great group of ladies.  I look forward to the next time.

And here I am with Robert from A Gentleman's Samplings .  It was such a pleasure to meet him in person.  I have been a fan of his for some time.  He has stitched some of the most beautiful samplers, and is a truly nice guy.  He was the only male attendee, but was a good sport about the teasing he received.  I'm so glad you came, Robert!

I finally found time to frame Beans, Beans from Plum Street Samplers.  I love this design, and can't wait to hang it in the motor home this weekend.   

Here is a little glimpse of my next release.  It's called Christmastide at Holly House.  The release date will be sometime in September.  Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm using 40ct. Camofudge from Stitches and Spice.  The fibers are mostly NPI silks with a couple of Belle Soie. 

The shoulder is coming along better since the manipulation three weeks ago.  I'm still going to therapy three times a week, but hope to be finished with that before I head to Myrtle Beach in Oct.

Have a wonderful week of stitching!