Sunday, November 20, 2011

Three turkeys and stitching...

These three are ready for turkey.  There's no convincing them that they aren't direct descendants from the original pilgrims either.  We all want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving on Thursday. 

Stitching bags!  Who isn't thankful for the great variety of bags out there?  When I started stitching back in the stone age, I think I must have carried my projects in Ziplocs.  I couldn't have imagined that one day I'd have so many fun ones to choose from.  The red and lime green mesh ones were found at Barnes and Noble, and while not actually marketed for stitching, they sure come in handy.  I love the ones made out of the very cool sampler-like fabric.  At a recent trip to the Attic, the teal colored one in the back was spotted.  There were many different ones to choose from, all unique.  Several of us were looking at them at the same time, and it was an absolute frenzy.  It was really funny trying to get the one you fancied the most without being too pushy.  There might have been an elbow or two thrown though.  My friend, Natalia makes awesome stitching wallets.  She has a great eye for selecting fabrics, and the construction is top notch, too.

This little tote came home from South Carolina with me.  It's perfect for carrying my stitching out to the patio.  I bought it from CJ's Creations, who was one of the vendors at the PALS retreat.  They can be embroidered, and come in several colors.  One of the neat things about this tote is that it collapses flat
The model for Hannah Tingey 1823 is finished.  I'm finalizing the chart, and she will be available the first week of December.  I hope you like her.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

South Carolina Part Two

This was my first glimpse of the beach.  It was exactly as I remembered it from all those years ago.  Now, I've been to many beaches since that first trip to Myrtle Beach, but this place is special.  It must be the memories associated with it, but I felt like I had come back to a place that I've held in my heart for a long time.  I had a very hard time concentrating on stitching with this view outside.
Shortly after arriving, Paulette and I headed down to the beach to check out the surfers, um...I mean surf. 

Hurry let him get away.  Oh, I forgot.  You have a zoom lens! 

Nice boards...hee-hee!

Two of my favorite people.  My long time friend, Patti on the left, travelled with me.  (She's the short one who needed the step stool to climb into that high four poster in Charleston).  I can't thank you enough for all the help, and for the fun, Patti.  On the right is today's birthday girl, Nicole.  Happy birthday, my friend!  I had so much fun with you, and I appreciate you helping us navigate.  I especially want to thank you for insisting that I needed that red bag :) 

Here is the fabulous, Faye.  She is one of the nicest gals on the planet.  I can't wait to see more of your Sarah Elizabeth.  Thank you again for the scissor fob.  Just looking at it makes me smile.

Michele is stitching my Jingle all the way on red!  Make sure you send me a photo of it finished.  It was so fun to meet you.

And then there was this group...the Carolina Connection!  Michele and I snuck in there, too.  I am not exaggerating, when I say that you are the nicest, funniest, friendliest, and most special bunch that I have ever met.  I had a blast being an honorary Carolina girl.  I can still hear Lynn laughing in my head , and I start in all over again.  Have you started your Williamsburg ort can yet, Sandra?  Remember, we promised!  Linda, I now have a southern drawl thanks to you.  I can't wait to meet up with you all again.  Have fun in Tennessee.

I want to thank Amy for inviting me.  It was my absolute pleasure to be a part of this fun event.  I met some truly wonderful ladies, and I so appreciate the enthusiam and response to my designs.  Thank you all very much.  I hope you find that Candy Corn!

Ahhh, I could have stayed like this forever...