Friday, November 30, 2012

Adam and Eve

Charts have been finalized and are ready to ship.  I tried to think of a clever title, but for lack of anything better, it's simply Adam and Eve.  The linen is 40ct. vintage Lt. Examplar from Lakeside.  NPI's needed are: 225 (need 2 skeins), 529, 952, 761, 749, & 584.

Thank you for the sweet comments about my Christmas decor.  I appreciate you taking the time.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Time flies...

Can Christmas really be upon us?   I've just barely dried dishes from our Thanksgiving feast.  Well, time marches on, and it's time to decorate for the holidays.  I keep it simple.  We aren't blessed with a lot of storage, so less is more when putting it all away.

These orange and clove pomanders are my favorite thing to make each year.  Ahhh, they smell so good!  I'm headed to find some lemons and limes to make more this afternoon.  I wonder who was sitting around one day, and thought "hey, I think I'll stick some cloves in an orange". 

You might remember this stitched display from last year.  Newly added, are the mercury ornaments.  The sweet little oval silhouette box was a gift from a dear friend, and is one of my favorite things in the whole world.

These fellows are from Eldreth Pottery, and have a place of honor on top of the pie safe every year.  The beautiful strawberry was also a gift from another dear friend, and  is also one of my favorite things in the whole world!  You can't compare heartfelt or homemade things like this to all the commercial stuff out there.

My poor neglected sampler tree has seen no new activity this year.  There is such a small window of about a month when I actually feel like stitching anything for Christmas.  It's hard to get into the mood when it's 100+ degrees.

Another repeat display from last season.  Love the primitive feel of them.

Don't laugh, but it does get cold here in the desert.  Ok, maybe not enough to justify a stove like this, but it adds atmosphere.  It is so cozy to sip that first cup of coffee in front of it, with a dog or two curled beside.

Can't have enough greenery...even the gate from the picket fence gets adorned.

A small display in the guest bath.

Another repeat from last year.  I'm hoping Santa brings me a fishnet canopy for the bed this year...and pewter, lots and lots of pewter!

You didn't think I'd forget to show what's up next from my needle, did you?  The chart for this A&E reproduction/adaptation will be ready to ship in a few days.  I hope you like it.