Saturday, October 30, 2010

Making Journals

No stitching to show you, but I am making good progress on the model for Maria Tilley. Now that my planting is done and my garden is in, I had an urge to make some journals. These are currently available in my Etsy shop. This one kind of makes me laugh. I hope all you stash queens find it funny, too.
I love these sweet vintage images...and the birds. Gotta have birds.

What a look on her face! I wouldn't want to be her teacher.

I made this collage a couple of years ago, and I kind of forgot about it. I recently found it while cleaning the craft room. I call it the Scissor Sisters.

And last is the grungy fairy.


Myra said...

Those are really neat and so creative. I have fought the urge to get into paper crafting (I hve plenty enough to keep me busy) but it is so intriguing.

Katrina said...

Oh love them!!!! You are so creative.

Sandy said...

Oh my gosh ... they're ALL so incredible, Tanya!

Siobhan said...

I love all your paper crafting, Tanya! The vintage images are great.

Michelle said...

So so cute. The scissor sisters is my favorite. And darned if it isn't gone.