Thursday, November 4, 2010

Still playing with paper

As you can see, I'm still in the paper crafting mode. I had so much fun making the journals that I thought I'd give some note cards a try. Of course, they have a sampler theme. My husband would say "what else is new?" I can't help it. If one is going to make things, it should be what one enjoys, right? They come in a set of six with two of each design and are available through my Etsy shop. Email me if you have questions or would prefer one design only.

Have you seen the upcoming repro from
Shakespeare's Peddler? My friend Katrina, who is also THE Master Enabler couldn't wait to point it out, and all I can say is WOW. It is going to be fabulous and I'll be looking forward to that one. I've now reached the top portion of Maria Tilley which includes a brick house and a very cool cow. I hope to have it ready soon.

In unrelated news, the Midwest relatives are flocking to AZ. It's been a little warm for November, but it's making my garden grow. I can't believe that Thanksgiving is three weeks away and the stores are already promoting Christmas. The holidays all seem to blur into each other these days. It seems like only yesterday it was last December and I was thinking of stitching more tiny samplers for the feather tree. Have I started? No, I have not. I'll be lucky to have even one finished for this season.


Loraine said...

Your cards are sooo fun! Love the sampler theme.
Thanks for sharing the new sampler by Shakespeare Peddler. That will be added to my stash too!
I know what you mean about Christmas. I remember the day when I used to be pretty much done with my shopping before Halloween. I haven't even thought about it yet this year, and to tell you the truth, I don't want to! Thinking about it makes me tired!
Take Care.

Glenna said...

Oh, dear, what have you done! I want Ann Grant now! AND I can't wait for Maria Tilley!

Margaret said...

I'll have to go check it out! I love your designs for the cards. :D I also love that new Shakespeare repro. Can't wait for it!

Have fun with your relatives. :D

Jeanne said...

I've already got my eye on the coming repro from Skhkespeare's Peddler - i love Theresa's taste in samplers. I wish it would cool down - what's up with 88 and 90 degrees in NOVEMBER?! We've already had our first set of Midwestern visitors 2 weekends ago LOL. DH's nephew and his wife & new baby came out from Minneapolis but it was fun having a baby around the house.

woolwoman said...

We're finally getting our first taste of cool weather way down in the deep south - it is great! Love your sampler related cards and journals - of course you should do what you enjoy! always and forever and I also love that sneak peak of Theresa's new sampler repro. Can't wait to see Maria's cow. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your garden - Melody

Sherry said...

I love your cards! Sampler themes are great for anything or occassion.

Yes, Ann Grant is beautiful. Just another item for my wish list!

Katrina said...

Can't wait for Ann!!! I do my best to be sure you always have a new sampler to stitch ;-).

Off to have a look at the cards.

Melissa said...

Tanya, you are just on one great big Creative Roll! Fab! You must be having so much fun!

Thanks for sharing the new sampler from SP - yeah, I'm like Glenna - I want-it-now! Looking forward to seeing your new repro too!

Nicole said...

Beautiful note cards Tanya!! You are so talented! I love that new sampler too. It's gorgeous!!

Susan said...

Can't wait to see Maria Tilly.
Am going to dash over to Shakespeare Peddler and see what's happening there. I see trouble in my future!

Happy Stitching and card making!