Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Governor's Palace and new stash

I've been stitching like a mad woman. I am so anxious to finish this sampler. The birds need their beaks, panes need to be added to the windows, the alphabet done in Algerian eyelet needs completed, and of course, the border does, too. This sampler gets better with each stitch. The reason for wanting this piece finished is because I recently added two new charts to my stash. I have not decided which one to start next, but here they are: The first one is the newest design by my very favorite, Brenda Keyes, of The Sampler Company. It is called Red House Sampler. It is one of the most beautiful samplers that I have ever seen. It arrived from across the pond the other day. I almost tackled our mailman as he made his way up our walkway, so excited was I. This one will be pure joy to stitch. It has all of my favorite design elements.
Although not a new design, Meeting House Hill by Carriage House Samplers, will also be a great design to stitch. It combines over two and over one stitching, and I love that. Isn't it funny how you can look at something over and over and then one day it grabs you? You know you just have to have it. That is what happened with this one. I love the colors, and I'm thinking a nice vintage piece of linen will be perfect.


Glenna said...

Oh, good heavens! Thanks for nuthin'--now I've got to have them both as well! Eeek. I hadn't laid eyes on the Red House before, and the Carriage House wasn't really on my radar until I looked more closely, because I don't care for a lot of their designs. And after I just bought Scarlet Letter's "Country Life," too. I'd start the Red House first, then wait a week and start the other--LOL.

Glenna said...

Have you seen "Over the Hills" on the Sampler Company's site as well? Very different and appealing.

Glenna said...

I'd love to have you link! I'd like to include you, also if you don't mind.