Monday, November 3, 2008

Around the house

When I created this second blog, my intent was to post about my stitching, of course, but also occasionally about antiques and decorating. For me, the three are infinitely entwined. Some people, my children in particular, think that by surrounding myself with antiques, I somehow am living in the past. And that's a bad thing? For as long as I can remember, I have loved the simplicity and warmth of this style. I shudder when it's categorized as "country", but I can't define it any better. Modern colonial, maybe? I could no more live in a contemporary style home than a man in the moon. It's just not who I am, or what makes me happy. Today, I thought I'd share some of my favorite things.
Salt-glazed crocks. Who'd have thought that something so
utilitarian could become so treasured?

My spinning wheel, a gift from my friend, Cindy, who is no longer with us. I think of her every time I walk by it, and to me it's priceless. It is also a favorite with my Grandson, Kai. He just loves spinning that wheel.
What once held pies to cool, now is jammed packed with holiday decorations.
It's really quite a mess inside, but we won't go there.
Windsor chairs are my favorite. I paid $67.00 for this way back when. An odd amount, I took it in exchange of cash to settle a phone bill. I get pretty nervous if anyone tries to sit in it. Not very practical, I know.I rescued this big boy from a back room of a body shop. It was filthy, covered in grease and grime, and was being used to hold a car engine. I got the tip that this guy was willing to sell it, so I made my way to a not so nice part of town. It was worth the trip. It's solid wood, and it took four college guys to deliver it. It took me months of planing and sanding to get it to look like this. It sits now where an island used to be. I could never part with it.

On top of the butcher block, sits a bowl full of flat-backed cookie cutters. I have more in a glass jar on the counter. These are some of my favorite things to collect. I always look for unusual shapes, and particularly birds and animals.

I couldn't leave out the butter churns. I don't have any plans to make butter, but it's nice to know that I could. Again, it's the love of salt glazed pottery.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the tour.


Lisa said...

I for one agree with you - I love antiques too; I'm just sorry I don't have any around me at the moment. I think a shopping trip is in order. ;)

Kristen said...

Your things are beautiful! Especially impressive: that wall of stitchery - gorgeous!

Rowyn said...

Lots of lovely photos there of your favourite things. I especially love your sampler wall.

Glenna said...

I think the samplers work so well with your antiques, and it all looks beautiful and just right, especially to my New England eye (my great aunt had the most wonderful antique shop in Vermont--but she's passed on, unfortunately). You and I like (and have stitched) many of the same samplers (although many of mine are WIPs right now). Although my house in VA is a traditional-looking center hall colonial on the outside, the cavernous 2-story spaces inside lend themselves to contemporary style, and I am decorating in contemporary and modern (I have my eye on a 9-foot stainless steel table for a kitchen island, for instance). So my samplers don't look quite as right in that setting, but a bit quirky. I've put them in the dining room and living room, which don't have the 20-foot ceilings that make the largest sampler or painting look tiny and lost.
I love seeing your home!

Sherry said...

I love your collections! And your wall of stiched pieces is wonderful!

Alice said...

I love your walls of samplers!!! Fabulous!!! I have been looking for the name of the designer of the big house with a tree kind of leaning over it from the left in the middle of your collection. It would be most kind if you could let me know the name of that sampler.