Saturday, November 22, 2008

Answers for...

Glenna, who just cracks me up. She asks lots and lots of questions. So, this post is for her.

Text Color Question #1
Here is the sampler you asked for a close up of. It's by Carriage House Samplings. Second one in from right, right?
Question #2
This is stenciling that I did three quarters of the way up in the master bedroom. I know it sort of looks like wallpaper, but it's not.

More stenciling. This is from the guest bathroom. It's hard to photograph with the mirrors. It's about to get a makeover. I'll try to take pictures then, but for now thought I'd include it.

Question #3
The walls are all painted a warm color that matches an old tan salt-glazed crock. I had it color mixed from a crock. Really, I did. Unfortunately, the walls look greenish in some photos, but it's really not green at all. Let me know if I left out anything, will you, Glenna?
Many, many thanks to you that left me such lovely comments on the last post. I appreciate them, and I love hearing from you. Lastly, I've spent the entire morning labeling the samplers in my stitching album. It was long over due. I have no idea why I didn't do it in the first place. Many times I get asked about a particular one that I've done. For the most part, I could remember the details, but a couple were stitched long ago. If you double click on "This stitchers work" to the right, you'll get to the album.
Have a great weekend and happy stitching!


Anonymous said...

I am absolutely in love with your home decor! I showed my husband your stitchery display yesterday and told him that you inspire me to work harder on my stitching projects. :)

And the stenciling is just simply LOVELY!!! You did a great job... much better than the one I did years ago when I first got married in our bathroom. It ended up looking too much like a tropical forest that we eventually painted over it before we moved... I love that willow tree stencil in your guest room - are you SURE you are going ahead with the makeover?! ;)
Somehow, I think whatever you decide to do would look just as nice!

Sandra said...

Love all the photos in your album and now have a long list of samplers I need to add to my ever growing pile of things to stitch. I too love the willow tree stencil, it would be such a shame to cover it up.

Sherry said...

Thank you again for some more up close looks at your decor! I have the pattern for that sampler and I may be putting on my to do list very soon! Also, I love your stenciling and the color of your walls!

Glenna said...

Thank you for answering my questions! I enjoyed so much going through your stitching album. I love all the samplers, most of which I've seen, many of which I own or are WIPs, some of which I've never seen! Wow! And I hadn't thought to do Plymouth in NPI. I'll go out and get the silks for that--I'm not enjoying my start in DMC.

I KNEW it was stenciling and not a wallpaper border....

I also love the little birds in your windows!

The Scarlett house said...

Glenna, I forgot one more question. The sampler over the bed is Town and Country by The Sampler Co.

Kathy said...

I just went out and looked at your album. You have done some awesome pieces. Several are in my stash and few I have stitched also.

Do you do your own framing? You have some awesome frames. Where do you get them?