Monday, August 18, 2008

Two recent finishes

May I present "Sibley Hall" by the Goode Huswife? I stitched this piece over one thread on 30ct linen with one strand of silk. I've had this frame forever and thought this design would be perfect for it. I really enjoy stitching over one now and then. I love the way it is so compact and petite. They are hard to see, but those are dogs marching across the lawn. Birds and dogs and houses...a few of my favorite things to stitch.

Here is Maria P. Oliver by Barrick Samplers. It was a thoroughly enjoyable quick stitch. Stitched on 40ct. linen with one strand of silk over two. After it was stitched, I coffee stained it. You never know how staining your piece will come out, but I was pleased with the result.

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Garden Girl said...

Very nice finishes, Tanya. Love that Sibley Hall. It is a must-stitch for sure.