Monday, April 16, 2012


My friend, Jen was in town last week.  We met up at the Attic, for a visit and lunch.  It was a fun day shopping, and admiring the beautiful models at the shop. 

My two favorite teams, the Coyotes and the Blackhawks are playing each other in the 1st round of the play-offs.  Being an Illinois native, the Hawks were my first love until hockey came to Phoenix.  We went to game two, and experienced the whiteout.  The teams are warming up in this photo, so the seats aren't full yet.  It's crazy seeing everyone dressed in all white.  I even saw a few people wearing wedding dresses  Sadly, we lost in OT, but the series has a long way to go.

I've spent some time this week organizing and piddling in the craft room.  So much of my time is spent in that room working, so I like to surround myself with things that inspire me, and make me happy. 

Occasionally, I'll get in a mood and think about eliminating the clutter.  The mood passes quickly though, and I end up adding more.
Yea, I have stuff.
Lots and lots of stuff, even functional stuff.
I see lots of red surprise there.
Stuff here, stuff there...
stuff everywhere.
 Even odd stuff. 
At least now it's organized stuff.
 And when I feel the need to escape from all the stuff,
 there's always this spot to curl up and dream about new stuff.
  I have a new design to release within the next two weeks, and a new reproduction in the works.  I'll be having surgery on May 2nd for a full tear in my rotator cuff, so that may put a stop to my designing and stitching for awhile.  I have no clue how I tore it.  When I asked my surgeon how I could have done it, he replied "it's called life".  It's going to be a long, long summer if I can't hold a needle.


Keeper of the Crowes said...

What a fun and creative crafting space!!! I'm so looking forward to your new design. Here's hoping your healing process is speedy!!!

marly said...

Enjoyed seeing your "stuff"! Great oil cans. Your Sarah Elizabeth centers the samplers beautifully. Good luck with your surgery. You may be out of commission for a while, but maybe not! Eventually you will be well again and that's what counts. Hi to the pups!

Margaret said...

Tanya, you are so amazing. I'm looking at your sampler walls -- the pieces are all hung in perfect style. Everything about your room is just perfect! You have an eye, girl. Glad you and Jen had fun together. Good luck with the surgery -- I hope it goes well and you recover quickly. And I especially hope you manage to hold a needle very soon after surgery.

Oh and that ice hockey thing. Pft! lol!

Cari said...

Oh my gosh...your sampler wall is drool worthy!! I love all of your stuff too. What could be any better than surrounding yourself with your favorite stuff? I started working on Mary Roe last evening and I'm enjoying every stitch. It's so much fun. Can't wait till I get to the Bahama Breeze flowers !! Good luck with your surgery. I'm sure hoping you'll be able to stitch a bit or the summer will be longer than long. Hang in there !!

Laurie in Iowa said...

All your 'stuff' looks fabulous.

samplerlover said...

Hi Tanya, it is lovely to see your special room. I love your wall of samplers and you have some wonderful ones there. It looks like a room that I would also love to spend my days in.
I hope that all goes well with your operation and that it won't be long before you are able to start stitching again. I really know how hard it is when we aren't able to do it for awhile. - Sandra.

Deb said...

Your room looks so inviting! There is nothing better than being surrounded by stuff that you love and I love seeing all of it.

Good luck with your surgery! I've got something similar and I know that it's so painful. I know that you may not be able to stitch, but if you can crochet at all you could probably do that. I was in a cast for nine months with a broken arm and that was the only thing that I could do. I made a lot of afghans! Hopefully though, your recuperation will not be long at all.

Katrina said...

I love, love, love all your stuff :-). Glad you and Jen had a good time. Praying for an easy surgery and a quick recovery!!!! Hoping it doesn't take all summer to get back to stitching.

Loraine said...

You have great stuff! Very inspiring. Can't wait to see your new releases. I love everything you do.
I'm so sorry to hear about having to have surgery and I wish you a speedy recovery!

Mugwump Woolies said...

You have great stuff! Your room is so cozy, and all the red is wonderful! Good luck with your surgery and recovery.

carol fun said...

I read a sign that said "Money can't buy love, but it can buy stuff. I LOVE my stuff!" - its a philosophy I can live by - LOL! You have great stuff!

Melissa said...

Ouch, Tanya! I hope you will recover from your surgery quickly!

You have nice organized stuff!

Looking forward to your new release!

Take care!

Jen said...

I love all your "stuff", you have the cutest house. I want to have your style but I can't seem to figure it out. Maybe you need to come visit me and we can go shopping together!

That is a cute picture of us and now I'm going to get a "you're famous" email from my Mom. LOL, love her! It was so great seeing you!!

I'll be hoping for a speedy recovery!


Nancy in WI said...

Good luck with surgery Tanya! My husband is still recovering from that but getting better every day and you will too! I'll be thinking of you and you'll be stitching before you know it.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Good luck with your surgery, Tanya! I hope it won't keep your needle down for too long.

Your room is absolutely wonderful! I love everything about it; it's cozy, it has lots of red, it has lots of samplers and it has lots of "stuff"! What more could one want? My DH keeps telling me I can't fit another thing in my room and somehow, I manage to find a way!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Wonderful space to recover - and that should prompt a quick and thorough healing! Look forward to seeing your new designs. Take care!

Cathy Lloyd said...

I have lots of stuff too, and I love it all! Best wishes for a speedy recovery and hopefully your needles won't be cold and lonely for long!

Fiona said...

Doesn't every stitcher/crafter had lots of stuff, I know I do. Your craft room looks great all organised. Hope you have a speedy recovery after your surgery.

Dona said...

What a picture of you and Jen! I'm sure had fun.

Yes, you have stuff, but it's cool stuff! I loved looked at your samplers - what an inspiration you are! I laughed at the "It is what it is" sign. One of my favorite sayings. Love the picture of the grandbabies, too.

I haven't wanted to put it in words, but what will you do if you can't stitch during your healing? I guess you just shop for more samplers to reproduce!

Terri said...

Lovely "stuff" room :) I'm so sorry to hear of your impending surgery and I hope your recovery is a speedy one for your sanity.

Jeanne said...

Wishing you the best for your surgery Tanya. In the past 5 years I've had the same surgery on both my just with the scope and the other a combination of scope and "open" (incision) surgery because it was worse. If you can get by with just a scope repair it will be much easier and a faster recovery.

Your stitchy room is just lovely, hoping it won't be long before you can stitch up some gorgeous new samplers!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

oh I'm sorry for you! May 2nd chance for my friend I think well of you!
of big kisses kisses

Michelle said...

Love your space - so fun to see Sarah Elizabeth right there in the middle!! I'm so excited for the new release and the new repro. Will be thinking of you and your shoulder surgery.

Karoline said...

Your craft room is lovely, you have some gorgeous 'stuff'

I hope your surgery goes well & you have a speedy recovery

Sherry :o) said...

I want to live in your crafting room - I love the stuff and would just sit and look between stitches and naps. Good luck with your shoulder - I was out of commission a lot of last year - it sucks!

I just put your new design on my MUST HAVE list and am not sure which way to stitch it first...that is a lot of fill in work, but so sweet!