Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What happens when you drink too much Guinness?

Or Harps for that matter? That's me on the far left throwing back a pint at a local pub in Ireland six years ago. I was traveling with my niece, sister, and friend through the UK and Ireland. We had the trip of a lifetime, and I long to go again. This picture was actually taken on March 18th. I was born on St. Patrick's Day, so we were a day late in celebrating. We spent most of the 17th sailing from Wales to Ireland on the Irish Sea. So, here's what happens when you have too many!
I'd like to say a special thank you to my friend, Cari for giving me this award. I love being in the sisterhood of stitchers, and I feel honored that you enjoy my blog.

I am going to break the rules, however and refrain from nominating seven others. I enjoy many more blogs than a mere seven, so it would be impossible to choose. With that being said, I'm going to try to think of seven interesting things about myself.

1. I dislike my name. I wish I had been named Shannon, Kimberly or Jamie. Being a St. Pat's baby, I was almost named Patricia Louise. Patty Lou? I don't think so. My mom decided on Tanya at the last minute.

2. I have been in every state in the country with the exception of N. Dakota, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. I've also travelled to Europe, Mexico, Bahamas, and Canada.

3. I can't bear to look at a truck hauling livestock. I always have to look away, which is dangerous if you're driving. It makes me too sad to see any animal on the way to market.

4. I once skydived over the ocean in Mexico. I jumped out of a 1941 cargo plane. I was Crazy!

5. My favorite music is from the 80's, and my all time favorite band is Crowded House.

6. A highlight in my life was seeing the hand written words to the song Imagine by John Lennon, along with his famous army jacket and glasses while visiting this place.

7. If I won the lottery, I would go to Australia and New Zealand. I'd also look for a cottage on a beach somewhere to buy.

Have a Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


Margaret said...

Happy birthday, Tanya! You deserve that award for sure! I loved reading your interesting things. And I'm totally envious that you went to England and Ireland. Sigh. Enjoy your day!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday, Shannon! How did that sound? I can imagine you as a Shannon, somehow!

That trip to England & Ireland looked like great fun! I miss travelling. I did a lot in my younger days but very little since.

I really enjoyed reading more about you! Have a wonderful day!

Bertie said...

Happy Birthday Tanya, lovely name, treasure it and so nice to see your face too.

Looks like you had a Craic and a Jar, so famous in Ireland. Had a few myself there LOL.

Cari-in-VA said...

Happy Birthday, Tanya! I hope your day tomorrow is full of wonderful moments with your family!

I always enjoy visiting your blog and your stitching is such an inspiration to me!

Thanks so much for sharing bits of you life with all of us. I am so amazed at all the traveling you have done - I hope to say the same one day, that I have visited every state in our great country.

Your girl's trip sounds wonderful - how exciting to travel abroad. And you jumped out of plane, oh my! I have always wanted to that, then I jumped off a 30 ft cliff into a river and cried the whole way down, lol. Parachuting has since been crossed off my bucket list.

My middle name is Lynn, and when I was in trouble my mother always used it "Cari Lynn" - it still makes me cringe. I always wanted to be called Caroline and thought Caro for short sounded so cute.

I am off to purchase Ann Rayner...

Enjoy your day.

Kelly said...

Hey that trip looks like fun, I want to go too...oh wait I did!

Happy Birthday!

...your favorite niece

valerie said...

Happy Birthday Tanya...and St. Patty's Day. I hope you spend it doing all the things you love!

Loraine said...

Could not pass up the chance to wish you Happy St. Patrick's Day, and Happy Birthday! I loved reading about you. It was so interesting. I don't particularly like my name either. I do like that it is unique, so what can you do?
I have been admiring your hand painted items. My husband made me some floss holders, and I've thought about painting a little scene on them.
I hope you have a great day today! You have a beautiful blog!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Happy Birthday and Happy St. Patrick's Day

Emma and Owen

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday! So nice that you had such a wonderful trip the other year - here's to hoping you get to go again some day!

woolwoman said...

Happy Happy B-day Tanya - Loved hearing about your travels but you really do need to see the deep south - plan a visit to LA, MS and AL - some of the neatest places in this country - but hey I'm a southern gal so I'm prejudiced I guess. Happy St Pats! Mel

Sherry said...

Happy Birthday, Tanya! And congratulations on the award! How neat that you went to the UK. Thanks for sharing those fun facts about yourself!

Siobhan said...

Happy birthday, Tanya!! I loved reading those things about yourself. LOL at what your name might have been. As much as it was hard to have a different name on the first day of school, I am thankful that my dad got to choose my name. My mother wanted to name me Mary Pat. My kids howl with laughter whenever that comes up. I'm the same about the livestock trucks, too... especially hard when living in a market town! I always like to think that they're heading to market and not to the abattoir. Hope you have a wonderful day and a fantastic year!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Tanya!! I loved learning more about you! :) Hope you have a great day!

Deb said...

Happy Birthday Tanya! It looks like the trip you took was a lot of fun. I've never been to Europe, but would love to some day. And enjoyed reading more about you - jumping out of a plane? I don't think so!! :)

Jeannine 520 said...

Happy Birthday Tanya! I'm the same way about the livestock trucks. While in college there was a slaughterhouse right up the road from campus and it turned me into a vegetarian for 6 years. Not being a fan of vegetable I eventually had to give that up, got tired of pasta, garlic bread and cake.

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to you and wishes for many more.
Fun pictures from your trip...I'd love to visit Ireland...I enjoyed learning a little more about you too....hugs, Linda

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! I enjoyed learning more about you.. your trip to Ireland sounds like a dream come true.

Alice said...

Happy Birthday Tanya. Hope you had a great day. You are certainly adventurous. Jumping out of a plane...I don't think so! I have an aversion to flying.

Michelle said...

Happy birthday, Patti Lou! I'm raising a pint of Guinness to you!

MyLifesAStitch said...

Great post!! I've really enjoyed reading all of these '7 things' posts... I must say, though... I am having a minor heart attack just reading that short blurb re: skydiving over the ocean. Good grief, you are BRAVE! :)

Have a great week!

samplerlover said...

Hi Tanya,
Happy belated birthday and St Patricks Day.
I also did a lot of travelling to the UK and Europe when I was single and rich (now I am married and poor lol). It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget.
Hopefully one day you will get to visit downunder. I am sure that you will have a wonderful time with us. It is interesting that your favourite band is Crowded House - a little bit of New Zealand and Oz. They were a wonderful band and it is always great when they come back together.
Thank you for the well wishes on my recovery. I am slowly getting back together again. - Sandra.

Stef said...

Happy Birthday and late St. Pat's Day, Tanya!!! Congrats on the award, I loved reading about you!

Brigitte said...

Happy belated birthday, Tanya.