Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday's show & tell

Blyler House by The Goode Huswife is finished. As with all of the GH designs that I have done, I'm always surprised at the charted thread colors when I lay them out. I have a hard time imagining the outcome, but I'm always pleased with the result.

Rebecca Robinson now resides on my bedroom wall.
I went with a simple frame since the design is so busy.

Since Melissa wondered what my next "big" sampler would be. Here it is. I wouldn't call it big though. The design was in the May issue of Cross-stitch and Needlework magazine. The picture below shows the original antique. There was also a reproduction which I won't bother to show because, well...I don't like it at all. They used Olde Willow threads, and I thought the colors were odd. I came up with my own DMC and NPI conversions which are closer to the original. I'm using 40ct. vintage Homespun from Lakeside. It isn't as yellow as the antique, but more than my photo shows. The border's a breeze , too. I'll be giving the magazine away when I'm done. I'll give it away to the person who comes up with the most original, humorous, "begging or needing it" comment that I receive. Obviously, it won't be until I'm finished, but start thinking.


Alice said...

I love your Blyler house even if the colours are most unusual. Very interesting effect. Rebecca has the perfect frame. Gorgeous!!!
Your Adam and Eve is really pretty. Cannot wait to see how it turns out. Lol, impossible for me to beg!! May the best beggar win. : ))

Glenna said...

Looking at the colors in the GH design, I wouldn't have thought they'd work, but they do!

And LOL--you've got me thinking in terms of creative begging....

Jan said...

Oh I LOVE the Blyler House, it is just awesome! And I think the molding you chose for Rebecca is perfect.

That is a really neat sampler and what a novile idea for a giveaway. Show it again so, I want to see your progress on it, and would you be so kind as to share your conversion?

Siobhan said...

You are amazing, Tanya! I love both of your samplers. I'm the same with GH designs... never can imagine how the colors will work on the design, and then stand back when it's finished and marvel at how nice it is. Your Rebecca is PERFECT in that frame! I am totally jonesing to start on that A&E. I'm waiting (im)patiently for Paulette's Paradise Lost, so I'll just cheer you on for now as I eagerly watch your progress. Your start looks fab so far.

Love to Stitch said...

Great job on another fabulous finish! Funny how colors seem to fall into place, even when we start they look like-- is that really the right color?! LOL. LOVE the frame for Rebecca, perfect, clean and classic. Great choice. I am excited to see you start A & E. I purchased the magazine too, to at least add it to my A * E stash. I look forward to seeing your progress!

Margaret said...

Beautiful finish! And I love Rebecca! The new project is gorgeous too. :D

Paulette said...

Apples are red
And fig leaves are green
I so want this chart
But that remains to be seen.

For I know you aren't done
With this sampler divine
But I'll follow your progress
As though it were mine.

Poor Eve should have listened
And Adam obey'd
But they chose what they wanted
And thus were dismayed.

Oh Tanya, I beg you
On my knees here am I;
Please pick me, oh pick me
Or else I will die.

Nothing is beneath me.

Laurie in Iowa said...

LOL... Paulette gets my vote!

Julie's Keepsakes said...

Your Rebecca sampler looks fantastic in that frame - PERFECT compliments to it b/c you're is a busy piece.

Melissa said...

As usual, Tanya, lots of wonderful stitching for us to drool over. I love the GH Design! It's also very you and I can see how it would fit in with everything. Rebecca is very pretty.

Well, thank goodness I can stop wondering about your next project! Whew! :-) It's really cute and thanks for the heads-up about the begging comment. I'm sure it will come to me in the middle of the night!

oops, I just saw Paulette's comments - she's shameless, and oh so creative! I might as well give up now! ;-)

Katrina said...

Paulette is a hoot, thank goodness I have both patterns, I could compete with that, LOL.

Love your finishes!

Tanya said...

I am loving your conversion on the A&E. You always have such awesome finishes. Paulette has my vote! Such creativity.

Sherry said...

I have missed you! Tanya, Rebecca is just breath taking and is in the perfect frame! Adam and Eve is going to be totally stunning! Of course you only do stunning work!

Maybe while I recoup from surgery I can think of some creative begging ideas!

Deb said...

Blyler house looks great Tanya. Another wonderful finish! And Rebecca - what can I saw - I love that piece and the frame you picked out for it really goes so well with the design!

And I'll be anxious to see your progress on the CS&N piece - I don't like how it was done in the magazine, but I know that with your conversion it's going to look fantastic!

Tammy said...

Everything is just beautiful. I'll have to live vicariously through you, because I won't attempt anything as big as those! They are gorgeous!

samplerlover said...

Hi Tanya,
Rebecca's frame is just perfect for her. Good choice.
Love your new sampler. I used to be able to get that magazine out here, but I haven't seen it for years, darn. Would love to be included in your begging list, but I think Paulette has out do every body lol. Looking forward to seeing more.

Michelle said...

That Paulette is a hoot! Gorgeous stitching and gorgeous framing - perfect choice for it. And I love love love your conversion for the A&E - not those horrid pastels! Great progress on it too!

Karoline said...

Your Blyler house is lovely and Rebecca's frame is perfect. Congratulations

woolwoman said...

Loving your A&E conversion so far Tanya - I wish I had it in me to beg/plead for the design when you are finished - however - there is no way I could compete with the delightful limmerick that Paulette reeled out to us! I defer to the master. Love your Rebecca - she is awesome. Melody

Sandy said...

Just for you, Tanya . . . . .

Ever since I caught wind
Of this contest demented
I’ve racked my brain
Oh how I’ve lamented.

I need this chart badly
Though I should be stitchin’
The rhymes just keep comin’
For this chart I am itchin’.

Perhaps I’ll tell Tanya
A fable so grand
Do you think she’ll believe me
Will she understand?

That my pocketbook’s lean
And my pappy’s real sick
Someone shot poor ol’ Rover . . .
Am I layin’ on too thick?

Ever since I caught wind
Of this contest demented
My life is in shambles
My future cemented.

I can’t eat, I can’t sleep,
My prognosis is poor
My head is a poundin’
I’m near sprawled on the floor.

I no longer do laundry,
Can’t cook, clean, or dust
All my thoughts are consumed
For this chart, it’s a MUST!

I’m too old for this nonsense
Depressed and withdrawn
And to make matters worse
All my chocolate is gone.

At this point I have tried
Any trick I can find
I’m tired and I’m weary
Perhaps losing my mind.

It’s become an obsession,
I’m at my wit’s end
Only one thing can save me:
Tanya’s chart will she send?

Well … I guess that’s enough
And it’s time to come clean.
Through much of this mischief
I guess all have seen.

I’ve begged and I’ve pleaded
Told stories and joked
Why the lies were so thick
Even I almost choked.

I admit it’s an act
But this chart is my Emmy
I want it, I need it,
Oh please gimme gimme.

So I’ll pay the postage,
Tanya, handle with care
By the mailbox I’ll wait
You know I’ll be there!

Now I must bid goodbye
For there's naught left to say
I wish all happy stitching
And a bright sunny day. :)

Sandra said...

I love Blyler House, the colours are just amazing. I am really drawn to sludgy colours in my clothes, but they don't suit me one bit, such a shame :o((

Siobhan said...

Oh my gosh, what fun!!! Paulette and Sandy really 'take the biscuit', as they say over here. What a fun laugh!!